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Our Silica Awareness training online course was designed for employees who may be exposed to silica hazards in the workplace. Some of the training topics include:

  • Silica related key terms and definitions;
  • OSHA Standard and requirements;
  • Silica exposure hazards;
  • Limiting exposure and control methods;
  • Hazard communication; and more.

Silica exposure can occur while performing construction activities and while using common construction equipment. Respirable crystalline silica exposure can cause serious adverse health effects, such as lung cancer, silicosis, and respiratory disease.

Silica is more than just dust

Silica dust can be generated at dangerous levels anytime materials such as ceramics, concrete, masonry, rock and sand are mixed, blasted, chipped, cut, crushed, drilled, dumped, ground, mixed or driven upon.

Employees at construction sites may be exposed to silica dust during general housekeeping activities such as sweeping, emptying vacuum cleaners, and using compressed air for cleaning.

Silica exposures may also occur whenever silica-containing dust is disturbed, such as during material handling. The small particles generated during these activities easily become suspended in the air and, when inhaled, penetrate deep into employees’ lungs.

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